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~ Saturday, August 16 ~

NEW TRACK UP from the lovely EP of I VII I IX.


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You won’t find reasonable men on the tops of tall mountains.
— Hunter S. Thompson  (via thatkindofwoman)

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~ Sunday, May 4 ~

look ma, i’m inside of the internet. <3

representing for http://pinklizardmusic.com/

photo cred: Brian DeSimone

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~ Friday, April 11 ~

constant pragmatism

some differences between logical and delusional:

one has the power to step away, the other throws empty punches at the void of logic, replacing it with a self-darkened vortex, unbeknownst to them. one is shackled to truth, the other opposes your freedom with victimization. which are you?

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~
~ Monday, March 17 ~

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demonstrations of fate are constantly glowing in the sidelines. periphery is vastly sensitive; be careful not to look head on, for you expect a supernova and get only a disappearing apparition. 

~ Wednesday, March 12 ~
i&#8217;ve never seen what this looks like from the inside.

i’ve never seen what this looks like from the inside.

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Thierry Feuz

I love this. The second I saw it, I had a flashback to a book I used to look at as a small child. I can’t remember what it was called; the thought is in the most obscure drawer of my brain. 

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