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~ Sunday, May 4 ~

look ma, i’m inside of the internet. <3

representing for http://pinklizardmusic.com/

photo cred: Brian DeSimone

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~ Friday, April 11 ~

constant pragmatism

some differences between logical and delusional:

one has the power to step away, the other throws empty punches at the void of logic, replacing it with a self-darkened vortex, unbeknownst to them. one is shackled to truth, the other opposes your freedom with victimization. which are you?

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~
~ Monday, March 17 ~

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demonstrations of fate are constantly glowing in the sidelines. periphery is vastly sensitive; be careful not to look head on, for you expect a supernova and get only a disappearing apparition. 

~ Wednesday, March 12 ~
i&#8217;ve never seen what this looks like from the inside.

i’ve never seen what this looks like from the inside.

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Thierry Feuz

I love this. The second I saw it, I had a flashback to a book I used to look at as a small child. I can’t remember what it was called; the thought is in the most obscure drawer of my brain. 

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~ Wednesday, March 5 ~


you ever gone out to dinner and then all night, drop ‘em home, and then go to casual lunch the next day with someone who’s been hitting you up for months; and then you make plans for that night, but then later that night when you see them and try to talk to them, they look at you like you broke into their mama’s house and pooped on her fine china or like they just found out you a con artist or something, never to be spoken to again?

just an interesting tidbit. lol.

~ Saturday, February 15 ~

Sometimes when you’re expecting a someone for tea and crumpets, all you get is Ungrateful, Petty, and Drama knockin’ at your door.

They will trash your house because all they see is the walls that divide.
They will crumble your biscuits because they’d rather have no biscuits than share your own biscuits with you.
They will pour your tea everywhere to try and leave a stain.

Lucky for me, I graduated highschool like 12 years ago and learned to no longer let visitors like that in my home.